My First Interview.

Jormengrund had a post about interview questions and I jumped on board. So here goes.

1. You and your son are quite the pair. Define a "perfect" moment in your lives.

I know this is where I am suppose to say some deep moment that makes all you go awww. But I cant! I can't just pick one moment, its not even possible. Every moment with my son is perfect. When I was young I never wanted kids. My son has changed my life in so many amazing ways. Every Day I think I only get this day with him once, I live by this. I love his humor, his love and at this age his crazy ass ways. He truly does complete me.

2. What would be your "ideal man" if he existed?

For the record I think he exits, I just don't think he exists right now. I am a very independent, strong minded person. I want a man who not only understands that, but appreciates it. In that same breath I want a man strong enough to handle me, accept me, and calm me in times of my craziness. I always joke about money, but in reality I can make my own. I want a man who isn't jealous. One who is funny, honest and definitely not a hermit. Last but not least....My son has to like him! They don't have to love each other. But if my son doesn't like him there is no chance. Been there done that. I believe my prime age for marriage or settling down is 45. At that time I believe there will be plenty of the men above.

3. You have a list of 35 things to do before you turn 35. If you don't complete them, will it become 40 things to do before you turn 40, and what, if any, will change because of your age?

I will complete my 35 before 35. The list isn't about doing these things because of my age. I made this list to remind myself to make these next few months about me. To give myself an excuse to do things for me. I am going to make it a point to make one of these lists ever year.

4. You love girly-type things, and pink! Name something completely un-girly that you have as some kind of "mannish" secret.

I am very girly. I don't change oil or fix tires and I don't like to get dirty at all. I do love to fish. However, I don't like to bait my hook or take the fish off, sick!!!!! That being said I think its only fair to tell you this. When I go I have a pink pole, pink chair, pink lures and pink ice chest. That is no joke!

5. If you had one dream of yours that could come true, regardless of how outlandish it could be, what would you pick, and why?

If I only had one dream it would be that my son goes to college. That he Finds a nice normal woman and has a life with very few downs. 

Jormen, thank you so much this was a lot of fun. I will pass on the tradition if anyone wants 5 interview questions let me know!

Side Note: Those are my interview shoes.


RPM said...

Wow great interview. I never knew you liked pink! ;)

Unattainable said...

Hi Sweetie, I have to agree with you about our Sons. My Son is perfect to me. I also have a Daughter. I Love them both equally yet differently. Great post!

Ken said...

Those shoe's, I bet you look stunning in them! Nice answers so I really have to wait in till your 45? Damn. I won't remember your name by then!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great questions AND answers! I think 45 is about right to settle down. I found mine at 41....so I snapped her right up!

Orion said...

can i borrow your shoes? I'm thinking about finding a new line of work... one that pays more.

Single Girl said...

I want your interview shoes! They are sooo cute.

I think your dream for your son is really sweet.

melissa said...

that was a great interview..will we be seeing you on the late night talk show circuit now in your carrie bradshaw shoes? :)

dani c said...

Awesome interview...

Jormengrund said...

Great answers JAG!

Now, if you ever get caught in those shoes, I don't know you, and I"ve never seen you before...


I don't want to become all tangled up in the next Heidi Fleiss scandal!

Thanks so much for playing along!!

just a girl... said...

rpm- ya I figured that would be breaking news.

unattainable- Great moms think alike missy.

Ken- Yes 45 is my prime age i think.

RLL- At least I know there is hope, lol


Single- Finally someone with taste, i think they are super freaking cute.

Melissa- Yes next stop letterman, baby.

Dani- Thanks!

Jorm- That is your new nickname just make sure stalker doesnt start leaving me mean comments. OOOOOH burn sorry couldnt help it. In other news that was too much fun! Those were great questions. And they ARE NOT HOOKER SHOES!