The high 5 seen around the world.

Let me start by saying that I don't like karaoke. I will admit I have been drunk and held my own with "baby got back". However, I don't like watching people that sing bad yet think they sing good. 

This being said you will understand why I DON'T watch american idol. Tonight I watched an hour of this with  my son and I realized two things. 

1. I am still in love with Simon, I want to rip off his white t-shirt and do dirty things to him.
2. Ryan Seacrest is a freaking tool and I am not even joking.

So tonight the last singer is BLIND, he sings amazing and his story is truly inspirational. He makes it to "hollywood" as they say and is given his golden ticket. He walks out the doors of the audition room and his family hugs and screams and there is laughter all around. 


He turns around and Ryan Seacrest raises his hand to high five him. It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and it was truly uncomfortable for me to watch. Then the tool says "by the way I am giving you a high five right now". My god what an idiot. The only good thing about the show tonight, was watching that moron make a total fool of himself. Its was like watching someone from afar wave at someone they thought they knew, and then witnessing the precious seconds after when they realize they don't.

Side Note: Everyone got mad when I didn't post where to get the "fuck walmart" shirt. So if you like the shirt above you can get it here.


Jormengrund said...


I realized that Seacrest was a tool during season 1. I mean, back then there were TWO hosts, and Seacrest showed that he had absolutely NO morals whatsoever.

That's why he's still around being a complete snake, and the one with a conscience has moved on.

I can't stand American Idol, but I tolerate the drama, because the wife LOVES it.

Jormengrund said...
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Unattainable said...

Thanks for the compliments about my blogs! I am actually new to this site... Love to blog so we'll see how it goes! I have enjoyed reading all of yours too! AWESOME!

Muse said...

you beat me to the blog. After seeing that I immediately made phonecalls that began with

"Ryan seacrest is officially the biggest idiot..did you just see him try to give a high five to a blind guy? And then he let it LINGER..waiting for him to reciprocate! What an idiot!!"


Muse said...

oh yeah, and he looked absolutely petrified to being kissed by a girl on the mouth

RPM said...

Seacrest... TOOL!

Ken said...

All I can say is for the first time that I can remember I wish I had watched TV. That guy is the type that should work at wal-mart. Oh hell he could pass the profile test they give.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few of the American Idols and man do they ever need to get rid of him.... you should write to Simon Cowell and tell him how Seacrest is losing him viewers (and therfore money)...he'll soon chuck him!

NucMEd is Hot said...

I hate that stupid ass show and you're right Ryan Seacrest is a total tool.

Orion said...

Seacrest has the biggest mouth I have ever seen!!

::kacy:: said...

ryan seacrest is indeed a TOOL. DOUCHEBAG. IDIOT. whatever name you wanna call him. i HATE HIM SO MUCH!!! you know when you see a person's face and you don't even know him or her...but you just wanna PUNCH THEM?
he's one of those people. on the top of my list, actually. EW.
i want to punch him SO hard in the face and then say "SEACREST OUT" hahahha i'm a dork. but really.

Jen said...

That blind guy is a friend of mine's cousin-in-law... or something like that. He is why I watched the show last night... all 2 hours just to see him in the last 10 mins.

Candice said...

I'd do Simon.

I'd also do Ryan... as soon as I grow a dick and balls. I don't think he'd be interested in my junk at this point anyway.

Tiffany said...

Does anybody else wanna rip out Ryan's giant teeth? Cuz I do.

Seacrest Out!

Allyn said...

thank you for writing about this! I'm in another country for a while and totally missing out on American Idol and all US gossip, and your blog was the first to alert me to this highly entertaining bit of news. Thanks!