5 Reasons Why my imac rocks!

1. Have you seen the imac.
2. Quick Look - In mail you can view an excel doc, without opening the file.
3. Spaces- This one thing, made me a believer. It will change the way you work.
4. As Cliche as this may sound. Widgets Rock.
5. The 2 Hello Kitty stickers on the front of my imac.


Mattie said...

Hey Tammy ... since you stopped by my blog I thought I'd return the favor. YOU are funny. Me? Not so much. I totally love your sense of humor and how you write.

Now, about the iMac. Is that a desktop or laptop? My daughter is wanting a Mac for her art university animation classes. I just don't know if it's worth the money with all the bells and whistles. I want her to get a laptop because it will be easier for her to travel with from one city to another on breaks from college.

Nice blog!

Corey Freeman said...

Nice computer! I have a macbook running leopard and I love it.

Rollo said...

I actually work for Apple, and yeah man, the iMac is a beast. BTW the RSS feeds in the Mail app are AWESOME. Good for reading the blogs. I just added your feed!

Thanks for the link also! I will add yours to mines when I gets home!