What does your Thursday say about you?

Tired ass Taurus
Have only had half my calories today, holding out for wine!
Ur probably the only one reading this
Random is as random does (wow that is retarded, but I just came up with it..so its staying).
Speaking of random, I hate word verification!!!!!!!
Did you know that in 22 hours it will be Friday and Happy Hour! Score
A Cat laying next to me is fixing to lose its life if it doesn't stop breathing on me.
Y do kids respond to everything with WHY?


captain corky said...

My father tells me that I'm too old to be asking him why at 37, but what the fuck does he know? ;)

g-man said...

Funny stuff. We Tauruses need to stick together. Plus I am a Mac person, although I much prefer tequila to wine I do appreciate a good Gew├╝rztraminer.

Vanessa said...

I love the picture, reminds me of Wall-E! And yes, why do kids always respond with why? Can we get a scientist on this? Please?

Ken said...

Kids respond with "but why". And I can't wait for my Grandson to start saying it!.