Any Questions?

Its funny when one has an agenda, there pace seems to go at record speed. Day 21 and 0 sense of urgency. Why delay the obvious? Lazy, Comfort Zone, Agenda...no just plain fucking selfish. Women hate dr. laura, becuase she tells you the truth you dont want to hear. My truth I know. Love was there and lost, cheating, lies, rejection, self esteem, trust and different paths all took a part.
Annoyed and Pissed

How perfect is this:

"You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in".
Arlo Guthrie.

The perfect martini, I have perfected it.

6 oz Grey Goose Vodka- from your freezer
2.5 oz Spec's Olive Juice
1 Splash of Dry Vermouth
5 Queen Olives
1 Cup of Ice
1 Silver Shaker given to you by your mom

Shake 3 times place in a pink martini glass with 5 olives........perfection

I think thursday's are my favorite day. One day left! The only thing I look forward to these days is getting the hell out of this house. I want to sign the shirt, swing under the tree, hug my Uncle T, smell bbq, drink beer, look at the creek, laugh, and for a day just be me.

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