"Gimme a Break"

I mean seriously why is it that people get irritated with you when you call them on their shit. Did you make them tell you a line of BS, No. Did you know they were full of shit when they gave you the line of BS, yes. Did you know you were going to call them on their BS a few days later...That's not my point!

Yes, I feel like I just did a line of speed.
No, I don't do speed.
Yes, I might be grumpy from my liquid diet.
No, the V8 didn't stop my stomach from eating itself.

On a side note and totally off topic. What the hell happened to "Kit Kat Bars". I was going to use the picture simply to get my title across. Next I go on a search for my picture, I either spend way too much time at my computer. Or overnight the world around me went CooKoo. Go ahead search kit kat you will find these flavors: apple, strawberry, green tea, fruit parfait, purin (I DONT KNOW), wine, cafe latte and believe it or no, kit kat soda. Like a Coke but a Kit Kat....Weird.

Has anyone tried the Strawberry Kit Kat, because it looks really freaking good right now.


PS said...

Your out to lunch.
Way too funny.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, the only Kit Kat variety I know of is that "Kit Kat Chunk" version. And that one I assume was made for those whose lives are so busy, they don't have time to break off individual sticks of wafer-covered chocolate to eat. Instead, they need it to be compressed into one large stick for fast and easy consumption. Well, at least that's my theory - I'm still waiting for the government grant to fund my "studies" to prove my hypothesis correct.

In any case, I just wanted to drop by your blog after reading the kind remarks you left on mine. So think of this as being my way of saying hello and welcome to the world of blogging. Don't say we didn't warn you.



The Nemesing One said...

Mint Kit Kats are the best. I've also had Orange Kit Kats which are good too. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you don't mind being sexually harassed, pls return and see what I wrote in reply to your comment. Pretty much par for the course for all my female commentors. Your blog is on my list; prepare to be stalked.

Dan da Man said...

Ok do you want a broken leg or arm i could do either

Kat Spijamas said...

All of those kit katz sound silly! WTF is Purin? Maybe it was a typo and it was supposed to say urine? That would be a fantastic flavor and would probably sell a lot In most third world countries. Not that there's anything wrong with that...



UnendingPain said...

There's such a thing as strawberry kit kat bars? ... o.O That's news to me.

just a girl... said...

lol. Its news to me too. Because honestly I love strawberry. Tomorrow I am going on a mission to find out where these are.