Ramblings of an "OLD" Woman

So I just busted my own lip, with a water bottle.  That was hours ago and yes maybe I was being a lil dramatic, because now my lip isn't busted anymore.

My kid freaking cracks me up, I think he is cooler then Kool-Aid. So this afternoon we are sitting on the back porch. Why does back porch always sound so country? I mean, do people in NY, CA and WA have back porches? And are they called back porches? That is a post within itself, so back to  my story. On the back porch he says this to me.
"mom, this is the perfect day to go to the river, get a tube, tie an ice-chest to it, get in it and chill. I mean why not go all out redneck style".

The reason this is so funny is that we don't live in the country, and he's not a redneck. However, we aren't exactly living in Manhattan either.  But for him to think that is redneck, cracks me up.

The biggest arguments my son and I have are over the dumbest things. Actually over the fact that he thinks I know nothing. We argued one day over Sugar Crisp. He tried to tell me at 34, that they didn't have Sugar Crisp when I was a kid. Irritated the hell out of me. I mean I am a young mother, but come on. Aren't we supposed to be the ones telling our children about how we walk to school without shoes. Instead I am arguing about whether or not there was Sugar Crisp back in the Dinosaur days when I was a kid. Too freaking funny. 

Speaking of Funny. I have never been a big Chevy Chase fan. Yes, I think he is funny in some movies but I wouldn't stay up to watch a CC Marathon. But, tonight I watched "Funny Money". This is a movie from 2006, which everyone has probably seen except for me. If you haven't seen this go out and rent it. This could be one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I literally laughed through the whole thing. These days that is an accomplishment.

Today has gone okay. I started to have a bit of a meltdown earlier but thankfully recovered quickly. Tomorrow I get away from this house, and away from all the BS. I am going to sit in my pink chair with my pink ice-chest, pink shirt, pink visor and I am going to drink beer or martinis and enjoy friends and family. TGIS

Please let next week be easier.........Thanks in Advance.

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The Hypocritical One said...

I challenge you to re-watch "Christmas Vacation." Classic. Maybe it's a guy movie...funny stuff.