WTF is that?

Okay I don't even know if this is legal to post and NO I don't have a cool pic to go along with my post.

Its always amazes me where one person's blog will take you. Today my blog hunt brought me here http://manoverboard.zgionline.com/index.php 
and no I don't know man overboard, and no he isn't paying me..... although I wish he would.

Back to my damn story, so I click on his blog and today's post say's Farting around and under it says Whadaya Think?

Whada I Think? Personally I think it looks like a damn dead rat scrambled egg sandwich with a moon in the background. And, I am not even being funny. I think it looks so much like an egg sandwich that I can't even fathom what else it could be.

So please help my brain and tell me what the hell that is?

Side Note: New blogger here and No I don't know how to freaking  link. Quit being lazy and just copy and paste. Once someone tells me how to make it a URL I will fix asap. Thanks for playing.

Side Note #2: Thanks to ry , Side Note #1 is no longer valid!! I am in link heaven, it's on now.


Ry said...

Hmm, looks like a rotten old apple core to me.

Don't fret, linking is easy. In your blog editor (where you type up the post) there's a button for linking.

Type out a word like 'blog' for example. Highlight it and click the link button in your editor. Paste the link you want into the box that pops up and voila!

I hope that makes sense! I'm not the greatest teacher. :)

Micky-T said...

Whoa!!!!! just a girl...we're all bozos on this bus!

Hey ry... so you got to go to the site first,[that you want to link] copy, then go do everything you said?

Dana said...

Ha! I *heart* g-man! He does all kinds of wonderful photography, a lot of it that makes you say, "WTF is that?" but that's what makes it so much fun!!

Micky-T said...

Holy crap Dana is here too!

JAGirl: I left a comment up there.. that should have been down here.

g-man said...

Ry R.Y.O.C.K.S!

It is an old apple core, on the floor of my garage. I used Photoshop to monkey with it a bit.

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately I am not able to pay you at this time ;)

P.s. I heart Dana too.

Dan da Man said...

Hey where did you get that ct scan of my brain