Somebody help me!

Hi, my name is ________ and I'm a red bull addict. I have seen a lot of the "meme's" on other peoples sites. One of my favorite questions is, "what is the first thing you do when you get out of bed". I brush my teeth, then trip over my own feet and cats on the way to the fridge to get my Red Bull for the morning. Notice I didn't say for the day. There are days when I chug 4-5 of these things. And if you're wondering if you are an addict, let me help you out. If you can chug red bull, your an addict.

Its 10 am, generally I am not even awake yet. At 8 am this morning (insert gasp here) it was cool outside and I could hear birds chirping. What a concept. By the time I get up in the morning its already 100 degrees out side, and there's not shit chirping. Speaking of 100 degrees for the next 5 days the forecast is 101-102-103-102-101, I have a feeling the rest of the summer is going to be miserable. Have I mentioned I don't like to sweat.

So here is my question for the day. If you are on a liquid diet, does Wine count? Today I started my liquid diet. Well I should say at 10 am I started my liquid diet (no, the chicken tender and potato wedge didnt count). So far I've had, red bull and water. The most exciting part of my day will be when I get to suck down a v8 later, in hopes that my stomach will stop eating itself. 


Learn To Park said...

Sorry, wine doesn't count. Your body is going to grab the sugar out of that FAST and store it as fat. Same with your Red Bull. Either go sugar free or snag some of the 5 Hour Energy shots. (I find those work better than Red Bull and don't upset my stomach or make me jittery. Mmmmmm...jittery...)

If you're going to do a liquid diet, I'd throw in a few meal replacement drinks. Trust me. I've been there. :)

Kat said...

JAG... wtf.

I hope you don't mind if I start calling you JAG.

If I call you Just A girl every time, it wastes ink, also, it reminds me of that no doubt song that they played every second of every day back in the 90's. Member that? Great. Now it's stuck in my head again.

.... oh, so anyway... can't figure out how to subscribe to yer blog.?

Assist me plz.

you rock.


just a girl... said...

Kat- I love JAG, I almost named my blog JAG and put my tag line under. This may come later as this is a work in progress. Thanks for all of your comments. Per your request I added the subscription thing, lets pray I did this right. Also

PLEASE tell me how to get to your blog. You sound like me, and yes we should trade. Then we can market a after school special on ABC, better yet we might need to rethink that. HBO or Showtime might be a better fit, lol.

_-*Kristen*-_ said...

I used to be addicted to Monsters and Pepsis, but I stopped drinking those and lost 8 pounds so far.

A liquid diet? wow, i could not survive off of that. Thats just too little of food.

Anyways i'm from tx too! =)

Kat said...

My blog is ihopetheyhavebeerinhell.blogspot.com

I'm retarded and still can't subscribe. Frowns and things.

Now, for the afterschool special thing: Kids these days are so fucked up times ten anyway, so having an afterschool special about martinis and kama sutra and anorexia, wouldn't be such a bad thing. They're going to need to learn it at some point, and having them learn about it early, makes for a brilliant teenager/adult later on in life. Concurr?

In other news: My iPhone got shipped today. Mobile blogging is gonna be the sex.



holly g. said...

ohhh man, i can chug red bull. it's bad. i'm glad you like my blog, yours is sweet too... i was going to comment on the kit kat post but then i saw the red bull picture and was magically drawn to this post. haha, i'll be keeping up with your blog in the future :)