Please Tell Me Why?

Why does wine taste so damn good?
Why does wine come in such a small bottle?

Why do 13 year old boys, pee on the seat?
Why do they then not flush?

Why do Cat's attack feet, hair, plastic bags, rabbits, air and lizards (the size of iguanas)?
Why do Cat's not attack a rapid, bird size june bug that is attacking their owner? (yes this incident just occurred)?

Why do men beat their chest over small things like changing the oil?
Why do men then act like a 1 year old with a wet diaper when it comes to washing dishes?

Why do men not wash their hands?
Why do men who don't wash their hands, expect women to be happy when touched by those hands?

Why are mom's always right?
Why do children never believe them?

Why can't men wear the panties and women wear the underwear?  I am just wondering!!!

Side Note: A june bug was going into this post. However, due to the massive quanity of pics, glorifying  the june bug, and making the june bug look cute(which its not) that wont be happening.


Ken said...

I tell you what, we should do a blog together I'll do the photo's and you do the writing. We could be on the blogs of note for like EVER!. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was going to comment on your last post but thought naa I better not. Ha Ha.
keep it up and Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"Why are mom's always right?
Why do children never believe them?"

I have often wondered that myself, even my three year old assumes I am wrong lol, BTW thanks for stopping by my rants....err I mean blog. You have a nice thing going here

Anonymous said...

hello there! you i like your writing style its funny, creative and keeps the reader very interestesd! great work
keep umm posting..

MeatWad said...

I have a some answers:

Men beat their chest whenever they get a chance. There aren't many TREXs around to kill with a spear, so changing the oil will have to suffice.

13 year olds pee on the seat because of "split stream". I won't explain further, but it starts around the age of 13.

Real men do wash their hands. It is better if the filthy bastards maintain a hands off policy with everyone.

Panties, underwear, dental floss..women, please, wear them all. They are all sparkling giftwrap in our eyes. Men should wear as much as possible, although panties do feel wonderful….so I hear.

Rrramone said...

Interesting questions. Here's another one: Why don't you dye a part of your hair pink right now and scratch that off your list?