No! Not a Marketing Ploy!

Dumb Crap That Makes Us Laugh!

Farts=Men of all ages
Someone Tripping (the fall trip, not the I am in a video game trip)=Everyone
Women Crying=Men
Bangkok-=13 year old boys (I witnessed this one)
Yourself=Me every damn time I log onto Flickr......the devil on my shoulder says.

"you brought her here, you flickr".

I don't know why!


Dan da Man said...

Farts=Not Me

Someone Tripping (the fall trip, not the I am in a video game trip)=Me unless i am falling then i cry wait what i didnt say that

Women Crying=How is that funny its annoying its like listening to a banshee

Bangkok-=people who dont know funny

PJ said...

It's juvenile, but a little bit funny. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Blogarita said...

I LOL'd that last line. My husband always says "You brought her, you (insertwordofchoicehere) 'er.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm gonna take a look around yours. :)

Katie said...

Yay! A girl who loves pink ALMOST as much as I do!
Your blog makes me laugh.... I'll keep reading!

Ookami Snow said...

I think I have a more refined taste when it comes to fart jokes, they have to be pretty good for me to laugh.

However the word "poop" is very funny.

Ken said...

I don't care what the other's say!
That is just funny and fun.
I'm also impressed That you went to my friend from over sea's blog.
(flipping out with clare) she is way to cool, and funny also.
I have put you both on my blog roll.

kitkat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

Farts will always be funny to me even when other people are doing it. I wish my husband found them as funny as I do because I fart all the time. Especially in the kitchen. Who knows why.

Ry said...

Someone tripping always cracks me up. And I'm one of those awful people who can't manage to sneak the "are you ok?" pause between trip and laugh. I do feel bad about it though! Unless they're not hurt, in which case I just keep laughing.

Tracie said...

You have such a cute blog going on here... And I can share with your love of pink... some people just don't understand it :)

want to link?