How it all Started...

The day Saturday. The place, sitting under a huge tree on some land by a creek in dripping springs. Beneath my feet was the prettiest pink sheet youv'e ever seen. One that has been washed 100 times. You know the kind that still feels cold in 100 degree heat. I was in my pink chair and next to me was my pink ice chest. My jim beam and coke, in a pink glass and very refresthing. The breeze was constant, the sun warm yet inviting, and the conversation..........lets just say this is where it gets interesting.

I was talking with my mom and cousin, about a new title for my blog. I have shared with very few people that I am even blogging. One, I am not ready yet for the whole world to see my blog. Secondly, I want to make sure we are ready for my debut. By we I do mean, my blog and I. During this conversation I bring up the pic above. I explain to them the picture, expecting to get a laugh. Instead I get blank stares, and it seems they are waiting for the punch line. Did you hear the part where I said "instead of fairy dust in the jar, it was BB's".

This really irritates me, how could two women not see the humor I saw. When I first saw the pic, it freaking cracked me up. My mom over an hour later would finally jump on board, but that part comes later.

I spend the next 30 minutes having this same conversation, with 2 aunts, 1 uncle and a few others in earshot. All the time just waiting for someone to laugh, or for that matter just see the humor. Shoot at this point, I wouldv'e taken a half smile. But what I got was nothing, zilch, zero.

This takes me to the heart of my story. So every person has a black sheep of the family. Black sheep might be the wrong word, but to be honest I dont have time to be polictically correct right now. I decide the best thing for me to do is to go see if Mrs. Black Sheep and her husband find the picture funny. Thank God I did. Only the names have been changed, the conversation my friends is authentic. And here is how it went.

MBS(Mrs. Black Sheep) -HH(you got it, her husband)
Insert here- description of the pic above. which they didn't get. But heres what followed.

Me: How come nobody gets this, its funny.

MBS: Can you give me the get.

Me: lmao

HH: I know! Fairies shit bb's. But, how did the fairy shit get in the jar.

MBS: Fairies dont have bb guns.

HH: This fairy does. These are some wierd ass fairies, they are man hunters. These are tarzan fairies they swing from tree to tree with bb guns.

MBS: The fairies are throwing shit at us.

HH: Ya, that is why I hate fairies.

Wow is all I could say. It's all I could say then and its all I can say now. The rest of the story is that after this is said, my mom walks up and says I get it. Finally, she tells the rest of the group that its Far Side. UH Yea where was this person an hour ago when we first had this conversation.
Now for the funniest part. I come back to write my blog and post my picture. AND WTF....they arent even bb's.

I give up. Good Night.

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