Bloody Beer

Its only 9:53 in the morning and I cant stop thinking about Bloody Beer. For the sake of archiving bloody beer is simply beer topped off with tomato juice or bloody mary mix. I dont know what is happening to me, I dont drink beer usually. I dont crave it and when I do drink it, I generally throw up foam. However a nice cold beer, with just a splash or three of campbell's tomato juice or V8, is simply all I can think about this morning.

No nightmares last night! Could it be all the chocolate milk I drank?

Monday night waiting on second session, table talk turned to recession, ie the world is coming to an end. I didnt want to lose my mini-buzz so I chose to walk away from the table. I saw J and asked her if she remembered the kid story about the sky falling, and asked her if it was a duck or a chicken. I now realize that yes, it was a chicken, and maybe I had more of a buzz then I first thought. The point: I told her that all of the talk of gas, recession, racism, and politics was making my brain hurt. At least if the sky WAS falling, then we would all have something different to focus on then the same BS people want to bitch about day in and day out.

A mess, my hair, my house and at the moment my brain.

So my 4th blog and I find myself asking, is this really helping me. Jotting down my random thoughts and insane moments in life. Note to self ask this again in a week.

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