I get it and thats all that matters!

X says: (2:34:38 pm) 
Everything good Tamitan

Y says: (3:57:55 pm)

No point to this blog, just a friend who made a stressful day a lot better! 
Thanks X! and no, not that X (X being anonymous, lol)


Music Monkey said...

Just stumbled over your blog and have been entertained for ages. Just wanted to say - fantastic.

Micky-T said...

YOU LIE ! your not THAT new to blogging!

Dan da Man said...

I am glad you get it cause i got lost for a min but i found myself again i think

Micky-T said...

I quote you......

I am 11 days into my blog and I
think I am in love with it. I love my blog, I love fixing my blog, I love waking up to my blog.
I click on someone else's blog which takes me on the best adventure. great to see that other people are just as screwed up as I am makes me happy.
without ever having to meet someone and deal with there screwed up drama.
That is Priceless.

I thinned it out a little bit.

OK I apoligize! I guess you are somewhat new.

Welcome to the friggen party!