10 Truths 13

1. When I had chocolate pudding and pickles, it was a peter tosh night.
2. My poop smells like dog shit, seriously it does
3. I am thinking about going ba-humbug for Halloween. will see
4. The first bottle of wine always matters, the second one........not so much
5. I absolutely cannot parallel park
6. I also, cant seem to park close enough to the gas pump
7. I have decided that I have great nipples
8. Just once I want to show "Hellmuth" Q/10 not suited.
9. I am on a serious mission to lose 15 pounds
10. This time tomorrow a group of "outside workers" will be staining my concrete.


Jormengrund said...


You know, some of these could be considered for TMI Tuesday, if you ever got that inkling..

Thanks for the pile of info, though JAG

just a girl... said...

lol yes i thought about that but then i would be cheating on Thursday and I just cant do that.

Cameron said...

7. Prove it ;)

Slick said...

Ha...a woman who can't parallel park??

No way!!! ;)

Brad said...

I'm just glad that Cameron didn't ask you to prove #2.

Megan said...

Laughing at cameron & brad's comment..

Ken said...

1.How about an E.P.T. morning
2.Check the label, That's not Chilli!!
3.Isn't that Christmass?
4.How many can you drink in a night... I will bring one more than that.
5.Its easy I can teach you.
6.That's just silly, have tween do it for you.
7.I was thinking the same thing
8.He would fold
9.I have an idea on how to do that
10.Will they speak english?

houstonmacbro said...

Okay ...

#2. You need either more water, more fiber, more fruit, or more veggies (possibly all the above) ... if that fails, try an exorcism.

Vodka Mom said...

I want to know whose shit DOESN'T stink. for real

TracieCarlton said...

now that i have your blogger approval... I can move on with my blogger-ific life...

anyone else find it odd that #2 talks about "Number 2"... I'm sure you planned that!

Dan said...

I need proof of # 7
"outside workers" becuase they work outside ?

Jamie said...

Wow ~

Fascinating stuff - in an odd and interesting way.

Totally with you on the parallel parking thing... crap I couldn't even spell it with out help.

Nicey said...

Never had my concrete stained - sounds like fun though : )

Ken said...

JAG, I give up on your readers, they just don't get the game.... maybe I should just contact each one and teach them how to play the game?

Jannie Funster said...

EXACTLY on the wine one!!

(Guys, I am a wonderful parallel parker. In fact I see people just stop and stare, slack -jawed, in awe of me. Of course I drive a bicycle but what the heck?)

madhuri said...


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LandShark 5150 said...

Hope ya dont mind -I just have to have your lil shark sign --still-- I will ask - MAY I ?