Someone is so kissing my ass

This person would be Tiffany. Yes she gave me an award and yes I believe she thinks I am awesome. BUT I also think Tiffany Twilight might have an ulterior motive. I also convinced that she is getting freaking twilight kickbacks! Anyhow this woman has a great blog so go check her crazy ass out.

So here goes....six things that make me happy. Well unfortunately I don't do things in sixes so I will give you 5.

1. Spending time with mom, and I mean anytime. Laughing with her and our phone talks are priceless. I love you mom!

2. My kid, he has great humor(wonder where he got that) and he just gets its. He is my life and definitely makes me happy. I love you son!

3. Cold Milk! Pretty simple I like my milk cold and it makes me happy. I love you milk!

4. It makes me happy when I crawl in my bed and all the sheets, pillow cases and down comforters have just been washed. I love you Downy!

5. POKER! Poker makes me really freaking happy. I love you 74 suited!

I can't just give to 6 or 7 others, because I love you all. So if you always wanted this award take it because in reality I did give it to you. Take it, place it, and tell me what makes you happy. You don't even have to link, lol. Happy Monday!

Side Note: If blogger didn't have spell check, ulterior would have been alterior.


for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, when milk is so cold that the first gulp of it kind of thrills you with that first delicious cold, cold blast? Yeah, what's not to love? Delicious! Great list!

Ken said...

1. My whole family! everyone of them are the best that one could ever hope for!! (and I feel that this is an understatement)
2.My true blogging buddy's you are the best! (and yes you guys do rank #2)
3. Coffee (black or with cream and sugar)
4. My 2 nain computers. I'm just now getting to feel better, and I'm going to be rocking the blogger world by the end of this week!
5. ROCK music just as fucking loud as I acn get it!

5.5 JAG she rocks the blogger world every post!! (I don't like six's either!

Big Pissy said...

Pretty award!

I might have to steal it just 'cuz of that! ;-)

p.s. I ADORE cold milk! I even put ice in it...but just one cube. That's all.

Tiffany said...

Tiffany Twilight? Awesome!! I am so fucking stealing that. LOL


I wish that someone was kissing my butt?
Well deserved.

Don't get mad at me but I am trying to cut my Dairy down to near zero because Mother Nature turns off our ability to metabolize lactose after a few years, which is why nearly 75% of adults have trouble processing it.

I love a cold glass of Milk too! How are you supposed to eat Pancakes without it? But it's also an interspecies thingamabob..cow's milk is liquid protein that is designed to turn a 60 lb. calf into a 600 pound cow in one year!

I wouldn't drink pig, platypus, cat, or dolphin milk...and yes I am struggling with my milk addiction.

RPM said...

It does a body good!

Jormengrund said...

I gotta just say..

Love. Milk.

In all of it's forms..

Cheese, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Whipped Cream, etc.

It's just one of life's staples!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

who wouldn't be happy with a 7 card stud. lol

Brad said...

I love...

Beer, mountain biking, and my child...But never at the same time.

I also love lists.