Dragomir, My New Hero

If you know me, you know I love poker. Its my passion. I have been recording the 2008 WSOP and I watch the episodes over and over. Tonight was freaking awesome and so this leads to my first 2008 WSOP post.

If you don't watch or play poker feel free to leave now. First the bad! My Favorite Player "Gus Hansen" was knocked out. Now for the AWESOME. I am a Phil Helmuth hater and when I say hater I mean I can't stand to watch this douchebag! Tonight my friends he got burned, and I think one of new favorites is "Dragomir".

Blinds are 12K/24K

Phil: AS/KH
Dragomir: 10D/4D

Dragomir raises to 80K, Phil Raises to 255K, Dragomir Calls. Now we are playing poker!

Flop Comes: 9C/10C/7S

Dragomir bets 300K, Phil does what Phil always does and starts crying like the baby he is and of course folds. Because crybaby talked so much shit, Dragomir flips his cards over and shows Phil.

Freaking Classic, Phil proceeds to call him an idiot and Dragomir says hes the idiot with the stack. The whole table and audience go crazy cheering and laughing. Phil looked stunned and truly looked like the real idiot. This has made my night, and yes I watched it twice more just to see the look on that assholes face. I really hope he doesn't make it to the final table.

Side Note: Anxiously awaiting November 9th!


RPM said...

Big Slick will leave you hanging more often than not. 10's are lucky.

Your milage may vary...

weesle909 said...

Forget the poker...

I love the way the passion you have for this shows up in your writing!

Awesome, chick! I think this post is just great.

Ken said...

I have 4 words for you.

Your mom can come live with us.....

Rollo said...

Hellmuth is an idiot. I'm a Phil Laak guy myself.

Jormengrund said...


And here I had my brother telling me that "Real girls don't understand poker"

Obviously, he's dead wrong!

Great post JAG!

nikki said...

I love playing strip poker with my husband..........

Does that count?

just a girl... said...

rpm- Yes big slick isnt the best hand in poker not even heads up.

weesle- thanks you so much for the compliment

ken- I would say yes but I dont want to get married till I am at least 45. In wait years that is like 11.

rollo-great minds think a like. I like Laak tooo. Thank god you didnt say you liked "mike the mouth" or it would have been on

jornem- I will play prof poker in 5 years. Its in my blood and I love all aspects of it.

nikki-not sure if that counts. In strip poker you win by losing. A concept that is too deep for my competive nature. lol

Jormengrund said...

Have you been in any of the "pick up" tourneys that they have from time to time in Vegas?

I had the chance to play in one, and got booted out pretty quickly for my tastes..

Guess I'll stick to my Spanish 21 game, as I tend to make much more cash from taht one than the poker..

Learn To Park said...

For video of this great moment in poker history:


Danielle-lee said...

LOL! My husband goes through these phases where all he does is watch poker. I get all excited during these times. It is quite addictive.
You're such a great writer.