What is HOGEYE?

First of all, you guys all crack me up... especially Karen. I am supposed to be the one with the creepy eye phobia, because of Karen's comments yesterday she now joins me. Hogeye is a festival in Elgin, TX. This festival has been around for 21 years, and its too much fun. There is cowpatty bingo, yep I said cowpatty. I am sure if you all use your imagination you can imagine how it works. Then there are the sowpremes, these ladys dress up in pink and sing oldies with a little oink oink twist. They all come out on harleys and its one of my favorite parts of the day. I know, easily pleased. The festival is held in downtown Elgin and its truly a blast. Funnel Cakes, Car Shows, Petting Zoos, Men who beat their chests and Sell Beer, a BBQ Cookoff and lots of fun. There is something about these small town festivals that I think is just great. Oh and I almost forgot.....ALOT of people wear PINK.

So there you have it! Now stay tuned for the DILF.

Side Note: The youtube video is from the Spam Festival not the same as Hogeye. But it was the only video I could find of the sowpremes.


Ken said...

Yeah, I went to the site like a good stalker and seen that there was a lot of pink, I tried to leave you a comment but blogger was acting up.

Jormengrund said...

We have something like that around here, but we call it the "Cowchip Boogie" instead..

That, and ours usually has the added benefit of crowning the Cowchip Queen. This is the one everyone votes for that looks best topless!

Yes, all shapes and sizes of women parade across the small stage to show their mama glands, and take home the Cowchop Crown!

Crap. Now I wish it was closer to August again!

Thanks, JAG!

NucMEd is Hot said...

That pig is going to haunt me in my nightmares for weeks.

Tiffany said...

Damn I'd fit right in at that festival. LOL

Dan da Man said...

Pink really im going because i have been looking to show off my pink man thong

Cameron said...

I used to be jealous of you because you live in Texas, and the weather is usually good, but after the cowpatty bingo remark...well, I'm rethinking it.

Just Kim U said...

Hog face=freaky
Cowpatty bingo=family fieldtrip