Suck It Primer

This weekend I decided to paint my dining room. The prior color was red, per my mom this meant going to primer hell. So I did, for 7 hours yesterday. It sucked and I will never, I repeat never primer again. Its not like painting, its not fun, and its messy as shit. Screw you KILZ.

Hey OJ, one word for ya buddy "KARMA".

Every year for Christmas I get a hello kitty calendar. I know big shock. I think its really cool when my son walks in my office and changes the month for me. My calendar is hung on a nail with pink ribbon attached to it. So big, bad, cool, tween, football playing, girl loving, boy takes it down, fixes the month, hangs it back on the nail and then has a conversation with me about the pic. Little things in life are priceless. 

I don't like ghetto at all. But for some reason I really love "Whiteboy". 

I am finally getting over my sickness and getting back to my favorite fix. Welcome back red bull!


Anonymous said...

Primer blows. It doesn't go on smooth at all, and gets chunky. Gross.

Ok, I want to be rid of my cold too. I want my wine. :)

for a different kind of girl said...

I've never primed. The boys have bright colors in their bedrooms, but they'll have to suck it up and have that forever if priming is as bad as you say!

I'd love a red room! If I could just convince the big man who lives here.

Mrs Parks said...

I don't mind painting.
I will not prime.
I will paint six coats to cover as opposed to one coat of primer.
I am SO serious.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'd rather put on 3 coats than primer.

abbagirl74 said...

I've never painted before, nor do I want to, I think. I love Karma.

Narm said...

Hello Kitty is manly. Right? Right? I might need to change my wallpaper.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Funny...OJ can kill 2 people and get away with it.....but get life in Jail for holding someone up.

You'd think he learned the 1st time

Tracie said...

wait... what happened with OJ... I missed this one!!

Google here I come!

Ken said...

So now you call me your "red bull" I was really liking "stalker" But if it makes you happy then go ahead, call me what you will!

Anonymous said...

I had a red living room once. Loved it.
Hate primer.
Love to paint.
Anytime you want to paint another room, let me know, and I will drive my ass to Austin to paint for you. Seriously, I LOVE to paint. It calms me. Which is a hard task, let me tell you.
Love that your son does that for you. Sweet heart.

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