I dont believe in love, soul mates or happily ever after. Remember I am BJ girl, and those feelings arent changing anytime soon. This year I went to Bonnaroo with my X. I went on this trip because I thought it would bring us closer. What it actually brought me, was my X cheating on me with the token slut at our campsite. Insert Gasp Here......However, I did meet one very intriguing male. I think back now and I laugh, the connection I felt to this stranger was very strong. We never kissed or touched, but the talks we had about nothing were amazing.

fucking and on and on. this long ass story is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

bottom line I contacted him the other day. I think its great that I have a new friend. He sent me his bucket list and I decided to post my 5 favorites. Man this puts mine to shame, and yes competive me is now in the process of making my full bucket list.

8. Eat Sushi in Japan
22. Eat a meal consisting entirely of foods I've grown
30. See the Green Flash at sunset (soooooo googling this one)
40. Spend a week working at a homeless shelter
60. Hold my Grandchildren
100. Live Happily Ever After

Me being a thief, I am stealing all of the above for my list. Below are 5 things that will ensure he will never lose his man card.

11. Dive with the great white sharks in a cage
19. Hop a ride on a train
28. Exceed the speed of sound
61. Run with the bulls
65. Spend two weeks in the wilderness without seeing another person
80. Stay in an ice hotel.

What an amazing list this guys has. I WANT TO KNOW 3 things on your bucket list. You know you want to tell me, so just do it already.


Moe Wanchuk said...

1.)play in a football game for MSU
2.)race at Talladega
3.)have prison s*x with my old lady

Orion said...

I don't believe in the "bucket list." I take everyday as it comes to me, and I accept or decline each opportunity I have without prejudice or regret.

It's taken me a long time to accept that some things will unravel after me and some things will mend.

Dan da Man said...

1.)Walk through town with a baseball bat and hit everyone i hate over the head

2.)Eat a grenade and see if i live (thatll be last on the list)

3.)Become a mass murder

Brad said...

1) Show up at a church costume party dressed as a Greek god, proclaiming my name to be "Testacles, lord of the Sacks, leader of the Flying Dutchmen."

2) Sue that old bastard from eHarmony because my potential matches "are ugly as sin."

3) Hang out with Dan da Man.

ToughGirl101 said...

Every 5 years, I do a 10 things to do before (insert age). I do it every five years because different age appropriate things happen - right now it's all about doing extreme sports. Next it might be about my career, after that it might be about my kids. who knows? but I will never do a list for "before I die" beause that implies that once i finish that list, I can die happy, and i don't think anyone should ever stop going.

Ken said...

Now I just can't do the three you asked for. I have to impress you a little first. with this mistery mans bucket list.
I have done the following.
# 22 For 7 years growing up as a child on a farm.
#30 I believe is the northern lights (done that)
#40 Did this one for 4+ years.
#60 Done this one and it is the best one of them all!
and have also done #19,#65 and if you count spending 6 years with my last wife I have done #60 also!!

Now for my 3
#1 Meet JAG in person (this is really #1)
#2 be alive to see the cure for cancer's
#3 To have a grand daughter!

Jormengrund said...

Ok, here are 3 for ya..

1) Get "discovered" and be able to record a REAL music album.

2) Move somewhere exotic for a couple of years. (Prague, Paris, Madrid)

3) Meet someone seriously famous. I'm not talking movie stars, I'm talking world-leader type. The Queen of England, or someone.

There.. How's that?

Narm said...

I've never done a bucket list. I guess #1 on my bucket list is to make a bucket list. #2 is eat more cake.

cajun said...

I need to add to my list... #84 Hang out for a weekend with JAG.

Karen said...

1. Be completely honest without caring about the results.

2. Inspire someone to be a better person.

3. Kiss Mike Piazza on the lips.

Penny Lane said...

Holy Shit. I don't even know this guy, and I'm turned on!

for a different kind of girl said...

"Make a bucket list" should probably be the first entry on mine!

NucMEd is Hot said...

1. attend the superbowl
2. attend a nascar race with leslie in the infield with a winnebago and a lifetime supply of beer
3. not get cheated on

Dan said...

what does the BJ in "BJ Girl" stand for?

just a girl... said...

Dan cracking me up. Bitter and Jaded.

Dan said...

oooohhhhh, I started my list and
#1 was "meet just a girl" but after reading your response I pushed you down to like 86.

g-man said...

LOL at Dan!!!

1. go into space
2. take a trip across the country in an RV and just take pictures of stuff.
3. Have prison sex with Moe's old lady.. ok not really, but it was too funny to pass up.
Ok 3. Be a playboy photographer.

Dan said...

WTF is Prison sex anyway????
Anal rape?

RPM said...

I actually though about this after my heart surgery. The top ones were play in a major poker tournament and go to Belize.

Hopefully in that order.

Brad said...

Shameless plug:

I would love it if you guys voted for my caption at www.mattresspolice.com

Even if you like the others better, pretend you like mine anyway. A vote for Brad is a vote for freedom.

Plug over. Resume bucketing.

just a girl... said...

moe - #2 scares me a little bit

orion- buddy thats deep, i think it should become a quote

dan da- just admit that you eat people

brad- be careful I just might partner you with dan da man

toughgirl- I think thats a great idea, can i steal it

ken- you freaking crack me up, you are the man

jormen-you list rocks

narm- eat more cake is now added to mine as well, i fucking love me some coke

cajun- def add #84

karen- I kissed a girl once and I like it.

Penny- see what I am talking about

fadkog- do you hate that i call you fadkog

nucmed- good luck with #3 I am convinced all dogs cheat

dan- so wrong, just because bj has a different meaning doesnt mean I dont also do the bj.

gman-yes you are still in the top 2 as my blog crushes

rpm-I am all in. I would love to play a game of heads up with you.

brad-shameful but you got my vote

Dan da Man said...

Only during the holidays and kids only

Dan said...

you just jummped 83 spots.

haply said...

I went to Bonnaroo this year too. I don't think it's really a bring-you-closer together type of place. More of a bring-you-closer-to-the-bong kind of place. Although I met a TON of hot guys. All, strangely, wearing cargo shorts.

Anonymous said...

1. Go to Italy
2. See the northern lights
3. Get published