Weekend Report

I know! I am a lazy ass! I've pretty much convinced myself that I am going to get dispatcher ass. Oh and as always, if you are dispatcher this is in no way judging. If you are a dispatcher and you are pissed right now, then you already have dispatcher ass. Either way not my problem this isn't about you. I wish I could say this post was going to be groundbreaking, but its just not.
  • Still a Virgin. No Sex! No Kissing! Nothing!
  • Went to "Hogeye' and good times were had by all.
  • Texas won of course.
  • I ate chocolate pudding w/pickles with a handful of chips....weird
  • Favorite Quote last week. It can't all be Peace, Love and Unicorns. Do you know who said it?
Now I get to go find out what you fuckers did this weekend. Oh and I got a BlackBerry and I freaking love it, I am already super freaking addicted. Some of you might have noticed this from the 3 am responses from my phone, ha ha lmao.

Side Note: Why is it that all unicorn pictures look like some 80's throwback.? We have defamed the Unicorn and its pretty sad.

Side Note 2: UHHHHHH yeah it took spell check for me to see that I spelled Ass, Azz. I am an idiot today.


Ken said...

you mean Azz isn't spelled Azz its spelled Ass, great why am I always the last to know these things? And if you read my new blog you will know what I have been doing..... A lot of typing!

just a girl... said...

ken-and if you read my comments on both of your posts you would know I have been reading

Jamie said...

Can you convince my husband that I need a blackberry - please and thank you!

I did nothing except watch my Buckeyes lose to Penn State. Craptards....

Donn Coppens said...

You are not lazy? You're a bloggin' machine!

Good luck with your new Crackberry!
Atleast now that you will be txtmsng u wl nvr, evr, nd 2 wrry abt mkng splng mstks agn..

English Schminglash!

Jormengrund said...


Since I was "issued" a blackberry from my job, I think I'm a little biased when I say this:

Blackberries SUCK!

I mean, I love my phone, but I hate.. and I _do_ mean HATE this little debolical and deviant inspired piece of circutry that is clipped to my belt.

Why not just get me a text pager instead?? It's not like I need to check my email, or IM someone while I'm driving down the Interstate at 75 MPH, now is it??

Yeah, Bluetooth is awesome, but it can also wait until I get into the office to deal with, and not while I'm at home trying to have a nice dinner with my wife and kids!

Ok.. OK...

I'm done raving.

Grats on your POS(oops) blackberry! Hope it does wonders for ya!

pj said...

Hopefully you got the curve. Make sure you get the memory card as well.. Def worth the 50 bucks. Also, enable java... Well u probably know all of this.. Lol. Enjoy the new toy.

Brad said...

I just got one too. After years of waiting, technology has finally caught up to the real needs of business -- arcade perfect Pac Man and porn-to-go.

Thanks, Blackberry!

just a girl... said...

jamie- do you want me to phone, email or send a letter. cause i am sold.....

donn- thanks bud i feel like i am in my own little new group.

jormen- at night just hit the power button ie red button, lol.

pj-yes the curve

brad-the youporn clips are amazing. what is wrong with us

Brad said...

Saying YouPorn is amazing is like telling me that hurricanes bring moisture.

I wonder what the over/under is on my getting caught with mobile YouPorn in the next week or so.

Tiffany said...

Pickles and Pudding? Gross!!

Yea that's about all I have to say. LOL

Jannie Funster said...

WHO is still a virgin?

Don't do the Blackberry thing, just have a plain old cell phone for talking only. But iPhone is on my salivation list.

Oh yeah!

Oh, I probably have computer-chair ass!

Orion said...

No sex! ...me neither.

It's that damn Santa. Azzhole.

houstonmacbro said...

Sex? What's that?

I use a** all the time at work, but I like azz ... won't get me noticed by the porno police.


Penny Lane said...

The unicorn was totally branded by the 1980s. It makes me think about my trapper keeper. Kickass. Or kickazz.

Where was the quote from? For some reason, I want to say The Office. Or SNL. The suspense is killing me!

Tracie said...

So, I'm thinking of changing over to the blogger community... what do you think?... I think It'll solve my lack of posting problem... cause I can blog from my phone...

So I got a new phone this weekend... an iphone... it's pretty sweetAZZ... ;)

LEt me know what you think about the "blogger" community and what-not... pros, cons... and all the in between!

houstonmacbro said...

Go for it Tracie. Blogger is a pretty good platform, but I think Wordpress has better templates.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Simon is a unicorn. I did nothing but punp my basement and suck all of the water out for three days!

tracie said...

wow mucked...
that sucks... Hard!!

Tracie said...

wow this is my third comment on this one post... I took the plunge


Nicey said...

Nice blog keep up the good work

just a girl... said...

brad-just make sure you download opera mini first

tiffany-tell me about it and I washed it down with a handful of chips, lol.

jannie-cracking me up. I too will get computer chair azz.

orion-that is my new line. moving forward i am going to blame santa for everything.

houston- cracking me up

penny- too freaking funny, but you will have to wait one more day to figure this out. and yes i loved my traper keeper

tracie-i have been gone for a couple of days but i am going to check you out next. and awesome on the iphone.

nucmed-is that code, lol?

nicey-awwwww she is new, going to your blog after i go to tracies blog, shit i have a lot of catching up to do.