So I was tagged by Jenn And The City , to do a post about the contents of my handbag. Jenn's blog is one of many, that I have recently added to my reader. Her blog is beautiful so go check it out.

As for me the contents are pretty freaking boring. The most important thing in my bag is my phone's for sure. The smallest thing, change. As for anything illegal, well not this time around. But I have been known to keep a small stash of blueberry papers in one of my side pockets, for special occasions.

1. This is one of my favorite Coach bags. I love it because the stitching around the edges is pink.
2. Coach Wallet
3. My hello kitty bank card that I just got and freaking love it.
4. Gap Receipt
5. Itouch
6. My awesome Pink Razor, never leave home without it
7. Pocket Pc- a phone aka a mini computer
8. Wrigley's Elixir gum, if you haven't had this stuff you must go try it. 
9. My James Avery Hoops
10. My wristband from Bonnaroo 08'
11. The wrapper to a polishing cloth by Cargo. Its to wash your face and its life changing.
12. Benefit by Dandelion
13. Prescriptive bronzer brush
14.  Tarte Lights, Camera, Action Mascara
15. The Balm lip gloss is Bubble My Gum
16. A shit load of quarters. 

I love to read in Glamour, Instyle etc. When people empty their bags. For me I always want to know about new and great products. So there you have it. At this point I am supposed to tag 3 of you fuckers. Last time I did this, only half of you played.

SO....If you think this is cool, steal it and let me know when you post about it. Oh yeah and for all my boys you can play too. We want to see your titty bar receipts, lol.


Orion said...

I got a Nike wallet for Christmas. I love it, but the emblem pokes me in the ass... i can't fit much in there... so I've purchased a cute little tote for my mascara, lip gloss, and blush.

Ken said...

Sorry my cheap trills are more costly than a titty bar sweetheart!
But I go no where with out my LG phone (my razor got ran over, it was RED) or my sony!