Flip Flop Philosophy

For the past two weeks I have been trying to come up with a new title for my blog. Partly because of my analness (yes I know that isn't a word) and partly because of comments. People emailing me saying Just A Girl isn't catchy enough. 

I didn't go to college and I don't use big words in my blog. Tonight I sit here and I am 37 days single, and I am okay with that. I started this blog because I was sad, and I wanted an outlet. A place for me, a place I can go and say whatever the fuck I want. I read a lot of other blogs. They make  me laugh, cry and sometimes they just annoy the hell out of me. But they let me realize that I am Just A Girl.

Nothing profound to say, not always funny, not always politically correct. So I decided that if I changed my title I wouldn't be true to my newly blogging self. Therefore I have named this post what I was going to rename my blog. Flip Flop Philosophy (yes I know its catchy). 

I am a just a girl, I have a heart, I have a mom, I have a son, and now I have my blog.

Now I am going to go have a bowl of lucky charms, because I can.

Side Note: Maybe I should have named this deep thoughts, nah that just sounds dirty. Night!


Jay said...

I think "Just a Girl" is a fine blog name.

And Lucky Charms rock. ;-)

PS said...

I always like the word "just"implying humble.
Name is Good.
You might consider a picture for the header and type "just a girl" on it.


Matt-Man said...

I was going to use the same title for my blog, but the bank denied my loan for my sex change operation...rotten bastards. Cheers!!

Trixie said...

What are lucky charms?

(And you've got to answer this in your comments, cause your mum SAID SO!)

Music Monkey said...

I think the name "just a girl" is great. It goes perfectly with your pink theme and I like your "just a number, just an email" etc

Completely quoting back to you what you said to me
"this is for you thats why you started it. Focus on your blog its great."

Sofi said...

Thank you! I love this post, I feel that often about my own blog. I do like the name "Just a Girl", it reminds me of the song by No Doubt with the same name. It's a catchy song!

Learn To Park said...

Hmmm, I didn't know you had recently broken up. Of course, I didn't start reading your blog until about a week or so ago and I assumed "X" was just a placeholder for your man's name. Ack!

Well, congrats on making it to day 37. I'm on day 17 of recently being single. Sucks major yak balls after being in a relationship so long but hey! I'd rather go through a break up than (a) being sodomized by a cactus (b) smelling the crotch of a homeless man for 8 hours a day or (c) masturbating with a sand paper glove.

Keep strong, lady friend, and switch to Count Chocula. Really takes the edge off...*snort*

Ken said...

Tes keep the name!. you may be "Just a girl" but you are our "Just a girl". And we like you just the way you are!

Ken said...

O.K. I just read my comment and I hit the wrong key again!. I will turn the lights on from here on.

g-man said...

MMMmmm Lucky Charms marshmallows. If they made a box with just those I'd be a diabetic.

After catching up on your posts, maybe you could make your new name "I got spermed" :) That was pretty funny!

Clarisse Teagen said...

Just a girl is real. And you don't have to change your name just cause other people don't like it and say it's not good enough.

Be who you are.. and that's the best you can get! :D

Clarisse Teagen said...

I mean.. some people laugh at my blog title.. The Gentle Snail.. and make fun of me..

But I really like it all the same. No less than before :)

Yoda said...

"Flip flop philosophy" sounds great :-)

If avocados make you wet, soft shell tacos make me pitch a tent!

Ry said...

I say go with whatever you want! I love Just a Girl. Also love Flip Flop Philosophy. Mostly I just love your blog. :)

just a girl... said...

wow who wouldve thought so many of you gave a fuck.

Jay-Lucky Charms do rock especially now that they had added the hourglass!

Ps-Pic is a whole other post. It will probably be a paisley background or something. Thanks for giving me another thing to freaking stress about. LOL.

matt-theres always drag

trixie- they are what leprechauns give you under the rainbow to wear on your nipples or cereal. Depends on your religion really.


Sofi-Lucky for you I don't like blogs with sound. Otherwise I would so be using that song.

Learn-You always crack me up, glad to know I am not the only loser around here. And yes its not the end of the world but it does suck balls. Especially when the fucker is still in your house.

Ken-Stop the lies, just admit to everyone here that you like to do double posts. lol.

g-man-If I was a boy you can bet your ass it would be called I got spermed. Maybe I will sell that name on ebay.

Clarisse-man that names gives me chils. I think the blog fits perfect. I love the gentle snail.

Yoda-I live in texas so there is a lot of mexican food to be had. But I have never heard someone say soft shell taco. Here we just call them soft tacos. Maybe I am too easy to please. But that really cracks me up.

Ry-Thanks now I will spend the rest of my life wondering if I made the right decision. Jk I do like the name. Maybe I will start another blog one day called this.

Crazy Lady said...

Deep thoughts was already taken. I tried. ;o)

sporkchop said...

Mmmm Lucky Charms!!! :)

Practically Joe said...

Just a Girl is awesome ... both the title and the blogger. Don't change it ... It suits you. If you change it ... you'll miss it ... and worse ... someone else may take it and it will make you sad.

And that my friend is "Practically Wisdom"!

Patrice said...

Maybe you should call the blog Lucky Charms philosophy! haha Something with lucky charms! Just a thought, but I like Flip Flop philosophy as well!