Tin Truths

1. My mom is my best friend
2. I don't like to wear panties
3. I don't like fried chicken, but I do like it cold.
4. Having my son saved my life
5. I could eat sushi for every meal
6. I did inhale
7. I don't want anymore kids, not even with a nanny
8. Willie Nelson is my hero
9. I am afraid of the dark
10. I will be a professional poker player.


Dan da Man said...

1. How much is she paying you

2. Awesome

3. Weirdo

4. Really well thats good i guess

5. never had it but i guess you have a thing for raw meat huh?

6. Thats always good

7. Why?

8. Cause he introduced you to pot?

9. Night light

10. Keep telling yourself that

just a girl... said...

1. I wish she was
2. Pervert
3. Have you had cold chicken?
4. yes
5. Raw tuna tastes like filet mignon
6. It is on Saturdays lol
7. One is enough, not in my 5 year plan
8. No cause he's hot(not really)
9. Could you send me one.
10. Lets play heads up sometime.

g-man said...

I guess I'll follow suit ...

1. That's sweet. (Mine is a nut)
2. I'll second "Awesome"
3. I like it warm and cold
4. You will have to elaborate.
5. Oh me too!!
6. Me too, I love Saturdays.
7. Me either, 4 is enough.
8. Why is Willie your hero?
9. Maybe one day we'll chat about the dark.
10. Cool. That is an interesting aspiration.

just a girl... said...

4. I was young and not on a great track. Becoming a mom was and is the best thing that has ever happend to me. We really are raising each other. I think if had I not become a mom, I wouldn't be who I am today. That would be a shame!

7. 4 is insane, but I am sure alot of fun.

8. Thanks for calling me out, no he's not my hero. I just adore him, he does what he wants and he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about it.

Side Note: I now change my #8 to I adore Willie.

Learn To Park said...

1. If your mom is down with the Dirty Sanchez, she could totally be my best friend too.

2. I DO like to wear panties even though they don't come in man sizes.

3. I prefer cold pizza to hot but am the opposite when it comes to vagina.

4. Having a scorching case of herpes saved my life during "the prison years".

5. I could eat poontang for every meal but, let's face it, that's a LOT of licking.

6. I never swallowed.

7. The only kid I ever wanted was an 18 year old girl/boy from Singapore.

8. Willie Nelson took my virginity.

9. I'm afraid of dark people.

10. I will be a professional poker. Fireplace, I think.

just a girl... said...

Learn- Thanks now I have to leave my mom a side note in comments.

Side Note-Mom don't look up dirty sanchez.

Helmey said...

1. sweet (I’m crying)
2. me neither
3. after the grease has congealed…nasty
4. crying again
5. nasty again
6. good thing they don’t drug test for blogging
7. then make sure to pull out next time you have the nanny
8. nasty x 3
9. monsters and clowns live in the dark
10. I’m all in

Real Live Lesbian said...

Loved these!

captain corky said...

I just saw Willie and Dave Mathews last Friday. The concert was good even though I didn't inhale at the show unfortunately.

Ken said...

O. K. We shall all now bow to the MASTER. Done and over with!!

just a girl... said...

wait what did I master? oh shoot i have to put that on your blog.

Anonymous said...

My turn to play....

1. I am my mom's best friend
2. I only wear thongs
3. I don't like fried chicken at all
4. Having my son was the best thing I've ever done
6. Inhaling did zip
7. I wish I could afford to have a houseful
8. Willie Nelson is AWESOME!
9. I find peace in the dark
10. I don't have a clue when it comes to poker...but I bluff well....

Dan da Man said...

I would send you a night light but i am to scared to send you any of mine i only have 15 in my room i know i cant believe i only have 15 i am thinking about getting more

ToughGirl101 said...

I dont like to wear panties either... I'm usually out going commando!

Moe Wanchuk said...

I don't like to wear panties either

Jay said...

1. My mom is pretty cool, but slightly crazy.

2. Me neither

3. Cold fried chicken rocks.

4. That's very cool

5. I tried sushi once. My sister made and I think she was trying to kill me.

6. I've never once tried the stuff, but can't come up with a serious reason why not.

7. I don't want any kids at all.

8. Willie is very very cool

9. I'm not at all.

10. I suck at poker, but kick butt at the blackjack tables.

just a girl... said...

you guys crack me up, I am going to do this every thursday for awhile so this should be fun better then tagging I think.

Brad said...

Is it wrong that I was turned on by this post?...

...honestly, there is nothing hotter than a woman diving headfirst into a bucket of cold original recipe.


Practically Joe said...

I just have to tell you. I've been on your blog for a while this morning catching up on all your posts from the oldest and making my way to the newest.
Just when I finally got through the "comment" post ... I now come upon a "comment meme"!
Oye Vay!

RPM said...

1.That's sweet

2.I'm also voting awesome

3.Hot or cold, just like Dr.Pepper

4.I'm really glad

5.Never ventured over to the darkside myself

6.Is it 4:20 yet?

7.Me either

8.Willie is my role model

9.My nightlight is made by Smith and Wesson

10.I'd love to make a living playing cards

NucMEd is Hot said...

you need to make that a meme. You a a total riot!