Tin Truths For

1. I only like ice cream in the winter or when I am cold.
2. I went to Bonnaroo for the first time this year.
3. I say Fucking a lot.
4. I have the smallest feet in my family
5. I am obsessed with plucking eyebrows
6. I sometimes wish I never would have started my business
7. I am a food snob
8. My biggest regret this year is that I haven't taken my son anywhere exciting
9. I really hope that Michelle gets evicted today and Dan wins HOH (Big Brother)
10. I would like for 10 fellow bloggers to ask me a question they would like to know.

Side Note: No, I am not smart. The symbol is for tin, thank the WWW.

Side Note 2: Tin Truths is a Thurday thing for the record.


Tiffany said...

Um Dan can't compete for HOH since he is the outgoing HOH. Didn't I just sound like Julie Chen? And I hate Jerry! Damn him!

Jay said...

Okay, I'll ask a question.

If you could be any character in any movie who would it be and why?

Ken said...

1. Not me
2. ?
3. pass (I would get slapped)
4. I have the largest
5. Really Hmmmm.
6. Sorry
7. I love to cook for food slobs!
8. Mine is that I haven't gone anywhere exciting.
9. Don't watch it
10. Are you crazy, You said that knowing I read your blog!

OK here is your Question:
why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

just a girl... said...

Jay- I would be George Clooney in any of the Ocean movies. Why? 1. I have always wanted to know just once what its like to have a penis. 2. To be able to wake up and look that good and be that cool even for a day is priceless. 3. Vegas BABY with unlimited funds.

Ken- At this time I am not sure I can answer your question. WE don't have parkways in TX. For that matter what is a parkway, am I missing something here.

for a different kind of girl said...

I wish I could curb the ice cream love for just a single season, but in my mind, ice cream is for any time!

Thanks for coming by my blog this week, and for the comment. I, too, and one who can't roll her tongue, so there's a bonding moment!

OK, a question - what book, knowing it's the only thing you may have to read for a long time, would you want with you if deserted island?

just a girl... said...

as weird as it sounds the bible. Not because the bible is weird, but because I am not sure where I stand with God right now. But I figure on a deserted island, I would have plenty of time to get it figured out.

Mike said...

Cool list.
I hope your biggest regret wasn't taking your son somewhere exciting? I'm sure he was grateful for having Mom around.

Question: What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you know now?

ToughGirl101 said...

okay, i absolutely 100% relate to number 1

Dan da Man said...

1. I only eat ice cream of of someone

2. sweet

3. I do that a lot

4. Well i have the biggest you know in my family


6.so sad

7.I love food all kinds

8.ill take you somewhere exciting (do you like mass murders)

9.I havent watched that show in years

10.How crazy do you think i am

weesle909 said...

Not for nothing, but the Bible is NOT the way to get in touch with God. It's just a book written by men.

As for the atomic symbol for Tin being SN, the way to remember that is this: Tin cans are not really made of tin; they're made of aluminum, and that's SNeaky.

Oh, yeah.

I have another.

The symbol for Gold is AU. As in, "A U, gimme back my gold!"

Admit the science geek in me is turning you on right now...

just a girl... said...

Mike- Be a better sister, start playing poker at 12, and yes its going to hurt so plan the epidural.

toughgirl- thanks for not making me feel like a crazy person. Something about eating ice cream while its hot really grosses me out, like its going to instantly curdle in my stomach or something.

Dan- I think you are crazy enough to eat ice cream off of a mass murderer.

Weesle- I am not sure how you did it, but you just made reading the bible sound dirty, lol. As for the alphabet turn on, i always failed science. You know leave me wondering if this means you are a weasel and a blog isnt with the package, or are you really pauly shore and your staying up late to read my blog. I

Dan da Man said...

Who told you about my saturday night plans

Crazy Lady said...

What is your business that you sometimes wish you never started?

Moe Wanchuk said...

Would you let a guy cut your lawn, who's company is called.....
"MOEJOBS" ????

NucMEd is Hot said...

I want to know how fun it is to raise a son. I have girls Im curious.