WTF? Vol 2 Edition 2

Super Large Stress Reliever for Guys $6.99

Yes its a freaking stress ball. Talk about office humor. But the interesting part is the comments that people have about this ball. WEIRDOS!

Just a few listed as pros and cons.
  • Here's a really big stress ball for anyone that loves squeezing boobs. Oh and their boob shaped (no shit sherlock)
  • The obnoiously rancid reeking putrid rank stench given off by these should be expected to last at least past the next ice age.
  • Better build quality then expected, rubber nipples are fun to pull.
  • It's nice and squeeshy(can you say gay), if u close your eyes and concentrate they feel like real boobs.
  • Biting them feels nice (yep he's either a skin wearer or he eats people)
I first found this lone boob on the cartoon screwer site, go figure. Although I am sure most women would love to stroke a plastic dick to relieve stress (uhhhhhhhh not) I pray to god they don't come out with one.


Leigh Anne said...

"if you close your eyes and concentrate it feels like real boobs?"

WTF kind of boobs is this guy used to dealing with? Last time I checked, a little boob fondling was fun not quite so much freakin' effort. But hey, that's just me.

And if I saw one of these on one of my co-workers desks, I would bitch-slap him. And not say sorry. Go fondle breasts on your own time perv

Raimo 'RayRay' Pregel said...

I never really understood those toys. Who the fuck would consider something like that over the real deal? :D
Well.. women, that´s what you get for not putting out! Men always find a way :D

Cece said...

Why do men think nipples are fun to pull? Wonder if it'd be fun to pull on thier sacs?

Dan da Man said...

Can you say 12 year olds dream come true but if a man uses this and because it looks like a boob then need help or a prostitute

Patrice said...

LMAO this is too funny! I love it as a like gag gift! haha I would love to meet the perve that thought this up!

Ken said...

I wish I had the time to find this CRAP. I would never be able to match your humor (but then few of us would). There are some strange folks out there!!

You are still the Queen...long live the Queen.

Poppy said...

If a co-worker brought that stress ball into a place I worked I would let them know I found it offensive and to remove it or I'd file a complaint with HR. Not cool.

At home, different story. :)

just a girl... said...

leigh-you had me at perv

rayray-give me a break, women are way hornier then men. Plus I am a cougar now haven't you heard.

cece-I actually like to pull on mine, lol

dan-just say that you have one its okay

patrice-i couldnt believe it when i saw this thing

ken-believe it or not this stuff finds me

pppy-one guy even said buy two of them and put them in a shirt to use while you..........the bad thing was this wasnt like a porn site. lol

Meg said...

WTF? I'm surrounded by mammaries. They're everywhere at Humor-Blogs.

This one does seem nice for those who need tactile stimulation, though.

Dan da Man said...

I dont have one i have many i lost count at 15

NucMEd is Hot said...

I take a day off and this is what I miss...boobie stress relivers, I might be traumatized.

I'll bet the smell is nice though!

Orion said...



Heather said...

I want one too!

Jinksy said...

Complete mammary overload.

If you need to close your eyes when handling one of these puppies, I hope its not at your work. This may cause you to be permanently labeled "the boob-squeezing pervert who can't get a date".

Not fun.

Practically Joe said...

What??? These don't come in pairs?

g-man said...

I like boobs.