We Suck!

Well that didn't work! Shit.

Dear Linda, Ken and rpm,

Apparently you are the only ones that know how to pick numbers. So go buy your own damn lottery ticket.




clare4lyfe said...

3 things I love about your blog:

You are hilarious!
You are slightly crazy!
You are my kind of person!

Well done! love it!

Dan da Man said...

SHOCKER i cant believe you lost oh wait yes i can believe it i dont know why i can believe it maybe because i am god who knows

Ken said...

Sorry but you said just one # so I only fave you one.

Don't beg me for more now.

captain corky said...

If you stumble across someone that can pick out winning number could you send them my way? Thanks. Being broke is for the birds.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog--
Keep playing--I do but only to help little school children.

If I win--I gonna get me a monkey!

Indigo said...

Hello~ I got five numbers on our lottery once but the winning amount was shit.. less than £100. but it was a start, money isn't the b all and end all, life's what you make, money doesn't buy happiness, but it helps in alot of ways.

Jay said...

The key to lottery is to not quit playing. Nobody wins on the first try. You gotta play over and over and over again for years.

Okay, maybe not.

craig andrew said...

Maybe if you took the numbers we gave you and multiplied them by the outside temperature, then took the cubed root and divided it by the number hairs on an Olympic swimmer's chest and then subtract the current price of gas. I'm thinkin' that is how to win the lottery. C;P

Bex said...

Do you know that every stinking time I buy a lottery ticket I am absolutely STUNNED when I don't win? It's like, "WTF?! What do you mean I didn't win. But I BOUGHT my TICKET. The only reason why I bought it is so that I would WIN the jackpot! This totally blows..."

And then I decide not to buy any more and then six months go by, the jackpot gets big, I buy my ticket and get all surprised when I don't win again. I think I might be retarded.

Music Monkey said...

I am really sorry!

My mum has a theory that if everyone REALLY concentrated on the numbers at the same time then they would be drawn. She used to blame us (and the cats) every week for just not caring enough!

Darlene said...

Good for people to know.