Fry Day

Did you get it, Fry Day. Yeah I know its cheesy but its my blog. 

My mom is fucking funny. She calls me tonight to discuss my new blog buddies. The conversation starts out with Man Overboard, honey is he married. Next I get to hear about The Nemesing One, wanting a threesome. I get warned that Dan da Man might be a serial killer (this because my first comment from him went like this "do you want a broken arm or a broken leg, I could do either". Comment Man on Man Overboard's blog is a lurker and a pervert, LOL. Finally the "ladies crack her up".

We ended with the post that still cracks me the hell up. The barbie post. I haven't laughed that hard all week.

Last but not least, I want to set the record straight. I had a crush on Man Overboard first, so please beware all readers as he is now at stalker status.

Side Note: No I am not Man Overboard in Drag. Secondly, I kicked some link ass today. And so you know, had I not already named my post, the new name would be LinkAss.

Side Note #2: Don't act like you didn't click on threesome, LMAO....


Dan da Man said...

I am not a serial killer i am... oh crap my lawyer called they found the bodies man who do i have to pay off this time

Ken said...

Personally i think you are hung up on all us "serial" people. I'm thinking you just mite be a little
bit prejudice aginst us.
you may want to seek help!

Moe Wanchuk said...

I clicked on "threesome" ....INSTANTLY