Numbers are in

27-9-4-44-14-16 (the last two didn't leave there numbers so there number is there comment place) I know I am anal get over it.


37- The first number
18- Day of my first post
30- Days Single
24- Number of comments
13-My sons age
2- Last number

Good Luck, I will probably be too buzzed to remember to check later. However, I will update in the morn. CYA I have to go kick some poker ass right now.


Music Monkey said...

Good luck. I can feel your lottery win coming!
The number I chose even got drawn in the UK National lottery tonight.
That's got to be good karma?
(we only got 1 number by the way)

Billychic said...

I will be crossing fingers and toes for you. I think that's all that I have to cross...oh, wait. Eyes, too.

Good luck!


(thanks for stopping by and sending us love)

calvin ray and bubba said...

thanks for checking out our blog and good luck with the lottery. calvin and i are from a little town north of you called hutto.


calvin ray and bubba said...

we put you on our blogroll. you're kind of sick and twisted, so you are know an approved blog. love your blog.


liv said...

"30-days single"

oh, babe.

breathe. although if it's been anything for you like it has for me, i'm betting you're due to have your numbers come up!