Per my mom

I am not being politically correct. Yes she knows more about blogging then I do, yet she has no blog. Tonight she calls me to let me know that I need to be commenting on comments. I explain to her that I do in emails and other peoples blog.

Apparently I don't know WTF I am doing. So I apologize in advance for not commenting correctly. Moving forward I will comment on the comments page. 

Side Note: Number of times I used comment in this post 5 numbers of times it felt like I used comment 50 number of times i have actually used comment now 7.


ToughGirl101 said...

LOL yes, comment on the comments, and then comment in that person's comments to make sure they recieve it. It inflates everyone's comments making us all look more popular than we really are.

Jay said...

That's right.

People comment

then you comment

Then you comment on their blogs

Then they comment

Everybody comments! LOL

Tracie said...

it's like a comment party... who-rah! or whatever...

So, I asked my husband about that pink room, black candelier thing we like... he gave me that "i dont like it, but I'm going to say I do because it's getting late and I want to get some tonight" look...

So, I'll just pretend like I didn't actually know of his disapprovement, and do it.. then, when he get home and is frustrated that he has a pink room in his house... I just simple reply, "You said it was alright... you should of spoke up then... Now hand me that giant hello kitty mural" (JK about the mural... seriously!)

HOLY Crap! This comment is long enought to be a post by it's self!

Ken said...

I don't which I liked better the post about comments, or the comments on the post about comments. Tell your Mother that now that you live away from the house, you have to make thes big decisions on your own. Then to make her feel better say "but I will think about it Mom thanks"
Then just do what the hell you want!.

Anonymous said...

I only comment when I have something to say, even a comment to a comment. I don't like making BS up for no particular reason.... (I make enough BS up as it is C;Pfft!) C:)

just a girl... said...

toughgirl- I think someone should name their kid comment the name is just growing on me.

Jay- I have to count it myself. You said it 5 times.

Tracie-Who cares what he thinks, I think it rocks. Oh and yea I am addicted to hello kitty, worse then my pink obsession. Please send a pic when you do it.

Ken-you have already told her, she was my first reader.REMEMBER!

craig-c:) Am I retarded, what is that. A cone head?

Heather said...

I don't think everything needs to be recommented on. I have left plenty of comments that never got recommented on, and I often don't recomment on my comments, I just go to that persons blog and comment them. I don't think there are really any rules, and if you don't recomment me I won't get pissed or anything. ;)

Practically Joe said...

Comments can get confusing, especially the ones that come in emails and the blogger is commenting about the comments and you see your name and their response to your comment but you can't for the life of you remember what the comment was that you made so you have to go back and revisit the comments on their posts to find your comment so that the comment you got in the email will hopefully make sense.
*Note ... Be carefull, once you get to the comments on the post you can't resist matching up the comments the blogger made to the other commenters so you end up going back and forth from the email to the post matching up what he said-she said then scrolling up or down because sometimes the commenter after reading the poster's comments about their comment than recomments and you don't want to miss anything so that's why every time I comment and someone recomments and then I try to figure everything out I can only post about once a week, depending on all the comments.

It's a lot of work this blogging!
Now I need a nap.