Goldfish Rock!

I never really understood beavis and buthead. Actually understood is an understatement, I hate that show. But after living with X for 3 years,  and having a son whose 13 now, I can somewhat relate. Men are retarded. The whole ouch, ouch thing was never funny  before. But this weekend X took a bite of son's noodles and while he was holding the bowl of noodle freaking soup, the idiot said like 5 times. Man this is hot, next he takes a bite, burns the back of his throat, then acts shocked that he just burned himself. Jesus, DUH. I don't care about X's throat. I do care about my perfect sweet 13 year old mini-man. Who proceeded to do the exact same thing. And yes acts shocked that he get burned too. 

I have decided that I've been blogging enough days now, to list my 3 pet peeves about blogs.

1. ads- I know at some point I will put ad's on (I guess). But I think more then 10 ads on a blog is freaking insanity. It actually makes my eyes feel like they are at a casino. Last I checked there were no eye casinos so thats not very good. 

2.Long Ass Blogs- I don't mean your Monday blog, or your story blogs so chill the hell out. I am talking about those people who only post twice a week and when they do. They want to tell you everything, I don't mind scrolling its pretty simple to do. But if your one blog goes to the end of one page. WOW. cant't do it.

3. Word Verification- I think this one is funny. One of the first comments on my blog was to remove my word verification. At the time I thought the guy was pretty serious so I removed it. Now I know better, its there for spam. But word verification does make me feel like I am old and retarded. I can't see the damn letters, so everytime my eyes are about half an inch from the screen. Then when I do type the number in that box, 9 times out of 10 I have to redo. Hence the fact that I am Retarded. If anyone knows how to add the word thing, that actually says words please let me know. 

Saturday at the bar a guy sat down next to me and said. "Hey Mama, you want some of this?" I replied "Hell no, and buddy you lost me at Mama!"

If someone gave you an off the wall one liner this weekend, please share it.

Side Note: Don't ever do a search for "EYE" under yahoo images. I did this morning, and I am now pretty much scarred for life.


Jay said...

I don't mind ads so much as long as they aren't flashing or making noise. And they're still better than a Pay Pal button begging for "donations."

The longer the blog post, the fewer the comments. It's a proven fact.

Word verification is so very annoying. It's especially annoying on blogs that I know get low traffic and aren't going to get much if any spam. I've never had word verification on and I've only had maybe 4 or 5 spam comments in 2.5 years.

Want some of what? hahaha ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just a Girl - Love Love Love your blog. I was pretty much entertained by your witty humor as I read all of it yesterday.

The Nemesing One said...

"Hey sweetie. Did it hurt?" And you respond "Did What Hurt?" and I say "When you fell from Heaven." Would that one work for you?

RPM said...

The only line I heard this weekend was "paper or plastic?"

Trixie said...

Oh please please PLEASE don't revert to adds on your blog. Really, I don't think anyone ACTUALLY makes any money from it!

And I'm sooo with you on word verif, I can barely do it sober, let alone after a couple of vodkas!

Just read a couple of your posts, LOVE your sense of humour! I'll definitely be back!

Music Monkey said...

This was said to a friend of mine -
Guy walked up to her, handed her a condom and said "well done, you've pulled"
My friend replied "thanks very much, I'll save this for someone good looking"

Moe Wanchuk said...

"If you had hair.... You'd be Hot!"

Didn't feel like a compliment :/

R said...

I live in LA so that probably explains this one; a cute guys starts chatting me up, finally we get around to "so, what do you do?" and he says "I'm a gigolo, but I'd do you for free!" I was just shocked into silence, luckily I had a friend there cock blocking.