Our Dirty Little Secret.

I love that my mom and I have this secret. There is something about no one knowing who I am that makes me cackle (and I mean cackle) when I log into this blog.  So the rest of the story from my fryday post: you know the threesome part. Nemesing one responded to a post my mom put on his blog and it mentioned a threesome. Thats not the funny part! The funny part is what she actually posted. 

Anonymous anonymous said..
I have been reading ur blog ever since u posted to my daughter's blog, just a girl. I have to tell u I really LOVE the way u think.

I am one of those paranoid black helicopter over 50 blog impaired grew up in the 70's kind of folk so I post annoymously. 

Life is good when you can keep an open mind and an open heart.

Keep them coming and I will view from afar.


Let me just tell you that my mom didn't even want to comment on my blog at first. For fear of spam/phone calls or IT guys. And tonight when I read "paranoid black helicopter:", I pretty much spit beer all over myself.

Side Note: This was supposed to have a shhh... pic on it. For further information please see above.


NucMEd is Hot said...

She sounds like my mom!

jOolian said...

gagaghhah hahahaha ... yer mom so rawwwkz ... funny, i did the same thing, well not beer, but spume'd water all'z over me ceiling, desk, Screen, the cat outside and the chica's 2-clicks ahead of me ... same liner 'paranoid black heli over 50 blog impaired' ... yer maaa's a bonafied CopyWriter, yes maam she is ... OH, and idamomb, thatz pure hilarity, ditto'd !

Laura said...

Howdy. Thought you would appreciate this site.