It just shouldn't be this hard.

No fancy pic. 

So, I guess in some sick twisted way, I got what I deserved. Back on 7/31 I posted about my broke scale, oh yeah funny freaking post. What I haven't told you is that since then I have been weighing myself. As of Saturday Morning I had lost 18 lbs, woohoo breakup weight. So this weekend I was admiring my flat stomach and patting my skinny ass on the back.

Here's where Homer, I mean X steps in. Sunday Morning. Hey I think the scale is broke. No the scale isn't broke I have lost 18 lbs its working fine. X says, no I am pretty sure its broke, and I am going to get a new battery(insert rolling of the eyes here). 

Well I am living proof of Karma. We have two scales one that says I weigh 18 lbs less, and now one with a new battery that says the same damn weight it has always said. So does this mean the scale is still broke because of his big ass. 

I give up, screw the x and screw the scales. 

Side Note: If you are trying to figure out the point here, there isn't one. I am just saying I am a fat ass with 2 broke scales instead of one.


Ken said...

Wrong!!! the one that says you have lost 18 lbs. is the right one.
Tell me that as you stepped on it and it said you had lost waight, that you did not feel better. If it makes you feel better it CAN'T BE WRONG!!!.

Dan da Man said...

Ok you are not fat till the scale says "holy f*ck did you eat a fat person"

NucMEd is Hot said...

I say if you fell skinny then you lost the weight, if not, they both suck!

ToughGirl101 said...

that's right lady! Screw the ex! You lost 18 lbs, and good for you! stick it to him.

Practically Joe said...

Try putting the scales side-by-side on the floor and stand with one foot on each scale ... let us know what it reads.