I am sooooooooooo awesome...........

Let me start by saying that I have my first girl crush, Tiffany. Yes I can be bought, as you will see I am a cheap date, but it will not end in a Quickie. Now about me, I am awesome and yes as you can see I rock. Today I got my first Blog Award, its about damn time. I mean come on, I am a Pro these days. I would like to thank Tiffany, Blogger, My mom and shit I guess the freaking Academy. I accept this award today for all the crazy ass bloggers out there. I haven't met any of you in person, yet I feel like I know some of you more then the people I see daily. DEEP I KNOW!

Now the hard part. THE RULES...per jag.
1. Steal the picture and use it in your post (For the dumb people, the pic is your award).
2. In your post tell everyone that I want the golden ticket I want it (meaning link back to me).
3. Give the award to 7 other deserving bastards (be sincere this isnt just about you!)
4. Spend at least a good 10 minutes playing the linking game back to the 7 bastards.
5. Hello let them know they won the award.

Now for the good stuff, MY WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Man Overboard! - I know you are all shocked. I freaking love this blog. The affair started with a pic, one that I really thought was a dead rat, scrambled egg sandwich. From there it turned to Barbie Hysteria, which by the way still cracks me up daily. For all I know this guy is a skin wearer. but from what I can tell he is a loving husband, a wonderful dad and has two of the prettiest little girls I think I have ever seen.

Ask me why? - This one is a no-brainer. I love this blog because it makes me feel important. I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Ken makes me feel like I have my own paralegal working for me. You can ask him anything and he will give you the real answers. Ken was one of my first readers and to say he is loyal is an understatement(can you say stalker). I love to read his blog and his Q&A is freaking hilarious

I'm Sure I Don't Know - why The Nemesing One is getting this award. JK, "Nemesing One" is my local blogger perv, no he doesn't live in Austin (or does he?). This was also one of the first blogs I started to follow. My mom has a blog crush on "Nemesing One" as well. She tells me she loves his thinking (far side she calls it). He is funny, crude and his post are never lacking honest content. One day I will do a post on his comments alone, much love for ya!!!!! Side Note: I will not be blamed for your divorce, therefore because of your bathroom confession, if you choose you can use a get out of giving on this one card!

Orion Unleashed - I think this guy is possible related to the one above (aka Nemesing). He is one of my new readers and I am so glad that I have him in my network. His post yesterday about the restroom, had me in tears (literally). I can't tell you the last time I laughed so hard. Plus he believes in faires (i can spell it the way i want). Here is one of my favorite comments from him "a person has to believe in faeries. If you don't there's no logical explanation for the missing left sock, how that chapstick got in the dryer, or where exactly did that 20$ go."

Chao Free Living - I am pretty sure on some level I am a bit of a blog snob. I like to look at blogs that are simple, clean and not busy as fuck. Her blog makes me envious its like Mother Teresa meets Robin Williams meets Jenna Jameson, okay not really. Her writing is flawless and I never get bored reading her blog. Its beautifully designed and she is as we say in Texas "good people". I don't drink coffee and talk about PTA . But NucMEd is Hot and reading her comments alone, makes me want to fly to her part of the woods to partake in Martini hour. Finally another Woman that gets me.

Diaries of the Professor - I feel bad even nominating this jerk, because he hasn't posted since 8/13 (insert gasp here). But by now you know how anal I am, and this is one of the first blogs that popped in my head when I got MY award. I sooooo get this guy's humor. There is not one post he has TYPED that I haven't loved. He is funny as hell. So Brad here you go, now maybe you can once again bless us with your presence.

idamomb - I have saved the best for last, and for the record at the beginning I new this one would be last. What can I say about her blog, that would do her justice. Oh I know, she doesn't have a blog. That's right I am breaking my own rules, what are you going to do it about it. This is where I show that I have a heart and I am a bit of a crybaby. Because yes, as I am typing nothing sentimental yet I am already in tears (can you say PMS). I have her to thank for it all. I love my mom so much. Over the years my mom and I always have the conversation where I tell her that words will never portray how much I love her, at times it really frustrates me. How do you show or tell someone enough that you love them, you don't, its never enough. Mom, I love you sooooooooo much, more then all the pink m&m's in the world. I couldn't have picked a better mom if I was the mom picker myself. Your strength and beauty makes me proud daily. You have taught me everything I know and shoot I turned out pretty good. You are a loving wife and wonderful grandmother, and although you know where God and I stand right now. I thank him every day for giving me someone as perfect as you. I love you so much. I would be nothing without you and your support in my life. Did I say I love you? Now stop crying and go wash your face.

Side Note: This took me 88 freaking hours, so no WTF Vol 9 Edition 14 is happening today.

Side Note 2: The Tinkerbell Award is for my mom, so back off.

Side Note 3: I am now changing the title of my post, to freaking halle berry for me.


Brad said...

Touched...honored...you've turned me into a big pile of mush.

Regarding how "this jerk" hasn't posted since 8/13, well...that will be answered in a post tonight.

I could give you all the specifics about work, and parenting, and long hours, but no one will care.

Let's just say that life happens, and it will be documented for your reading pleasure ASAP.

Thanks again, Jaggy...

Tiffany said...

Aww your welcome. Wow MY first girl cruching on me? *blush* thanks. And I'm glad somebody likes my retarded ass life stories. LOL

The Nemesing One said...

I also am honored, and incredibly aroused. You've caused me to sprout a 3rd inch. And since I'm in the mood, when are you and your mom coming over for some hot, sticky Jerry Springer 3-way action?

Ken said...

First, THANK YOU!!!!

Second I think that it is wonderful how you feel about your mother. Tou know that she feels the same about you! (but then she doesn't know about that time you snuck out to go to that concert)

Orion said...

HOLY CRAP! and toilets too!

(suddenly i feel like a dyslexic Dr. Seuss and i should be stammering on about the animals screaming "boo!" and the zoo... clever, aren't i?)

At least you posted about the restrooms and not some other embarrassing moment of my life i've put on the net for everyone to view, and aside from those nasty little dryer demons... we have a lot in common. You post a pink boob, i want a pink boob. You talk about finding nasty eyeballs, i think eyeballs are nasty.

See! we're practically Blogging Buddies... (even though you're a complete stranger)

Thank you. I will now commence my Fathead ceremony. (was that a long enough speech??)

NucMEd is Hot said...

Thanks you so much!!!! We love your blog and Lesie actually found it and turned me onto it!

If you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods (Kansas) feel free to let us know, it's gets really interesting on about beer five!!!

Midlife Slices said...

I'm sorry to hear about your neck wrinkle and one lone gray hair. O.k. really I'm not because I've got a whole neck full of wrinkles and a butt load of course curly grays sticking up all over my head and misery loves company. But really, thanks for stopping by my place. Come back anytime. Maybe I'll put you on my blogroll. I said, maybe. :)

KellyKline said...

Hey, look - it's ME ... in my pants!

g-man said...

Thank you Darlin' :) I read this yesterday and started to reply, but got busy at work... :/

II am honored and I will be making my post, post-haste. I doubt I will be able to be as eloquent as you were with your mom, but I will give it a go.

Patrice said...

This is such a good idea for an award! lol So cute!! Love it

Btw.. your comments cracked me up!! You are too funny!